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Mystery, Alaska

In the town of Mystery Alaska a weekly hockey game unites the citizens every Saturday. When a Sports Illustrated article about the town, the game and the players are published it says that they have skills that could rival any team in the National Hockey League. When a planned exhibition match between the Mystery players and the New York Rangers is put in jeopardy the town must come together to make sure that the match goes forward.
          This was one of Oscar winner Russell Crowe's first Hollywood movies before he hit it big with Gladiator. The cast also contained Burt Reynolds, Hank Azaria and Star Trek veteran Colm Meany. The film was primarily shot in Canmore Alberta and has cameo's from Phil Esposito and Little Richard. The film also told a story that will more than likely never happen in real life.
          There's no real way that a professional team will ever play, what is essentially, a group of Rec Hockey players who have other important jobs in th…

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